"Experience the sound diversity of Ecuador from its cultural, political and economic epicenter."

Join our music-and-sound artistic residence, based on a free structure program, where participants set their own objectives and working methodology, while the hosts facilitate spaces, tools, links and accompaniment in the territory.

Participants projects can include composition, musical and sound production, non-conventional practices, experimentation with other disciplines, research, academic meetings, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

To foster the meeting of the wide cultural, musical and sound diversity of Ecuador with creative proposals from other regions of the world.

Addressed for:
- Creators, researchers, music producers and other agents from the music and sound arts.
- Artists and other creative professionals interested in exploring and dialoging with music and sound arts.

Photo: Omar Arregui

What we offer:

In our furnitured apartment, among with other artists (2 persons per room max). Internet, bathrooms, equipped kitchen, living room, dining room. The residence is located in downtown, close to health facilities, financial centers, cultural, educational and recreational zones.

Tools and spaces for artistic creation and production
Basic rehearsal room with music instruments, amplifiers, microphones; basic production studio with midi keyboard, PC, basic secuence software (we recommend you to bring your own laptop with the software of your preference).

- Access and mediation for local arts scene, agents and diverse cultural expressions of Ecuador.

- Personalized approaching to different music and sound arts professionals: researchers, educators, creators, promotors, producers, composers and performers of traditional and contemporary genders from all around the country.

Seek of places for exhibiting the project products (depending on type and duration of projects):
These can include live performances, community activities, speeches, etc.

Creative dialogues
with the context
Local platforms
of exhibition
Integral processes
and collaborative
Autonomous work

We do not cover:
- Travel and feeding expenses should be paid by the participants.
- Other specific needs, depending on the project: professional recording studio, mastering tools and other specialized services linked to the project must be covered by the resident artist; the hosts will provide guidance for the best options considering the project needs.



Application period: November 5 to December 30.
Period of residence: 1 February to 30 April.
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Photo: Omar Arregui

Photo: Omar Arregui

Who can apply:
- Creators, researchers, music producers and other agents from the music and sound arts.
- Artists and other creative professionals interested in exploring and dialoging with music and sound arts.

- Fill out the application form online.
- Curriculum Vitae (online format).
- Updated summary of relevant works (online format) with links to listen-visualize your musical or sound productions.
- Summary of the residence project (online format). Include objectives, methodology and tentative work schedule.
- Accept the terms of the call (online form).

Applications will be attended on a first-come, first-served basis. Variations on residence dates might be suggested to some projects.

The organization will send a notification e-mail to the artists selected for the period of this call.
Their participation will be confirmed by signing a letter of commitment between both parts.

Accompaniment to ongoing projects:
The organization will provide strategic support for the development of the projects in the territory; however, the achievement of the objectives set out in the project is the sole responsibility of the artists in residence. This accompaniment will be offered considering the agenda proposed in the project, which may vary during its development, if reasons are justified.

Products exhibition:
Whenever the projects merit so and its duration permit it, we propose the public exhibition of the residence outcomes, either as "work in progress" or as final products of the residence.

Photo: Omar Arregui

Project reports:
All projects must build a blog with the process memory, supported in any format (audio, video, text, etc.), including an introduction text and a representative image. This material will be published on the ArteFacto Sonoro website as a reference of the process.

Representation and management:
While artists are the owners of the copyrights of their creations, all the participants in the residence cede to ArteFacto Sonoro the management of the creative products developed during the artistic residence, including but not limited to: artistic actions, documents, art pieces and other creative works and research products.

USD $ 400 per month. These amounts cover what is described in the "we offer" section.

From 1 to 6 months.

Next cycle: February to April 2019.

Application form



EleKtroPeT / Pedro Alayón - Cd MX - Mexico, Thank you very much for all the support, accommodation and logistics, to the artistic residency, ArteFacto Sonoro, thanks to all your support is that I was able to develop my project Urban Transformations. A disruptive journey between cities, such as sound study, photo and video graphic. Collaborating in an incredible way with the CITY REVEALED project, by MARCIA USHINA, in addition to teaching a binaural microphonic workshop in CUMANDÁ PARQUE URBANO, and through both, it was feasible to develop various soundscapes, an exhibition and live act as a live cinema, photography and video, which are specified in the Urban Binaural website. "
June-July 2018
"Thanks to ArteFacto, I was able to collaborate with other musicians from Quito, the residence and indigenous communities. They also made it possible for me to compose, rehearse and present my songs. They were supporting me, already before arriving to Quito and throughout the residence. " Imma Lucas - Spain
Roberto Martínez - Mexico "Sound artifact was a learning and development space where I could share knowledge with other residents and hosts."
From walking and drawing a map, affections are born, new ways of feeling a space are born. Going through these spaces is a way to make these affects visible and to give new ways to inhabit them ... (Renzo Filinich - Chile / Peru). Renzo Filinich - (Chile-Peru)
Ahmed Fofana - Mali - Africa Thank you very much to all the team of the residence, in particular to Camilo, for his hospitality and his friendly respect.
Thank you very much to all the equips of the "Madambe" festival; Thanks to them I knew only talent and good people in Ecuador.
I spent a pleasant time in this beautiful, quiet residence, located in a very nice neighborhood very clean.
Then I was able to concentrate on my artistic project, without any worries.
I am at your disposal for any proposal of artistic and cultural collaboration to my residence 3MProd2, in Mali - Africa.
"Auditory memories: a sound cartography of the San Roque market" was a great and inspiring sound journey from a Market that extrapolates its architecture and walls. In each drift a surprise was revealed, lived and heard. ArteFacto Sonoro provided a productive cultural exchange between Brazil and Ecuador. Exchange that I had immense joy in sharing with Marta Julia Serengue, Camilo Urbano, JJosué Jaramillo and Estebam Coloma. The San Roque Market in a small passage of its corridors and affections. A great experience for eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and heart. Daniel Nunez
Tzeng Shing-Kwei His residency at ArteFacto Sonoro allowed him to participate in the International Festival of Contemporary Music with two works.
"My stay at ArteFacto Sonoro allowed me to face new challenges of cultural management to join, in a festival, Quito and Santiago, giving me practical experience in the recognition of the formation of translocal scenes, thus observing the differences and similarities that characterize us as Latin Americans. " Cristian Guerra - Chile
John Palmer (USA)



At the middle of the world, multiculturalism brings together the ancestral and the contemporary, the local and the global. Dare to discover the sounds of Ecuador!

Our cultural diversity:
Ecuador has about 13'000.000 inhabitants and a little more than 260,000 km2. Its population is divided into four natural regions: the Galapagos archipelago, the Pacific coast, the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle.

Quito is located in a strategic place; thanks to the excellent road and tourist infrastructure of the country, you can visit the Amazon (east) or coast (west) after only a 5 hours drive. Traveling from one region to another allows us, in a few hours, to cross different climatic floors and observe incredible landscapes. In Ecuador there are currently 12 linguistic groups. After Spanish speakers (mestizos) the largest group in the country is the Quichua, which inhabits the entire strip of the Andes and part of the Amazon. While most Ecuadorians are mestizos, the diversity of our peoples includes Afro-Ecuadorians, in the north-west of the country, to the Shuar peoples of the jungle, in the south-east. Quito is also a friendly host territory for a diversity of foreign colonies from all over the world. As the capital city of Ecuador, it has the largest cultural infrastructure and network in the country. Indeed, the arts find in Quito a vibrant local and international scene exhibited in museums and cultural centers, festivals and fairs, recreation centers, public spaces and active communities.

Our musical and sound diversity:
In recent years, the music and sound art scene has developed significantly. This is due, in part, to the emergence of several music and contemporary art university schools. A large number of artists, music producers and managers of the young Ecuadorian music industry have graduated from these schools, while a good number of them have returned from abroad postgraduate studies. LINKS AND PHOTOS HERE (conservatories, national orchestras and music schools)

This renewed knowledge and the arisement of certain favorable public policies have strengthened creative processes, allowing a contemporary dialogue among musical traditions from different regions of the country. In recent years, we have seen important projects that aim to strengthen Ecuadorian sound and musical heritage, as well as the emergence and internationalization of musical productions that merge indigenous and Afro-descendant traditions with contemporary styles. Currently, several Ecuadorian artists call the attention in international festivals as "outsiders" capable of breaking schemes and captivate with new sounds and musical forms.

Although Ecuador remains as a small music market, Quito has several music production and post-production companies, booking and management agencies and other professional agents in the industry. It also has a strong network of professionals in areas such as research, experimentation and exhibition of sound and interdisciplinary arts, linked to contemporary art centers, curatorship, pedagogy and academia.

In fact, Quito is scenario for music festivals and art exhibitions that have reached the international circuit, hosting the most important world exponents in different musical genres and artistic disciplines.

Photo: Omar Arregui Gallegos Photo: Omar Arregui Gallegos Photo: Omar Arregui Gallegos



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